Software installation from applications:

After messing with fontilus I got an idea.

Has anyone thought of adding a feature to the applications:// view in
nautilus so that a user could drag an rpm into the applications menu and
have a prompt come up for software installation like Mac OS X?

The user would be prompted for the root login if they want to install.

Then the system would scan the rpm for a .desktop file and warn the user
if it does not appear to be an application rpm.  This might prevent the
mailing lists from being flooded with the "I installed libgtkhtml but
there is no entry for it in the applications menu."

Then the system would be updated with the new rpm.

How does this sound?  Is this a good feature request?

Should this be entered as a feature request for Nautilus or gnome-vfs?

Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com>

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