Re: Underlines gone in single-click mode

> I think however this issue goes a little bit beyond only nautilus and is a
> general gnome inconsistency. Maybe I'm getting a little off topic here, but
> the behavior of click behavior really should be standardized by just choosing
> one behavior and going with it. Currently on the panel single clicking a
> launcher will launch it, while on the desktop in the default double click mode
> you have to click it twice. I've talked with seth about this in the past and
> he had expressed the opinion that either all controls (icons/toolbar buttons
> etc) should require a double click or only a single click. 

I agree with this rethoric, and I am not also using single-click just to give it swing.

But how am I supposed to select an item. When I delete a file I have so far just clicked to
select it (double-click behaviour), and press 'del'.
When I try this now it open the file/folder. The only I could figure out how to select it was
by dragging a rubberband over the icon. Which makes sense for several icons, but not for just one.

I also tried holding down the button some longer, but this doesn't have the desired effect.


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