Re: Underlines gone in single-click mode

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> said:

> Hey gang,
> So, I've forced myself to try using single click mode for a while, and found
> that recent versions no longer have the mouseover label underlines [1].

Congratulations :)

> The cursor changes into a hand icon, however, so at least there is some
> indication that it will operate differently to double-click mode
> I have confused myself a number of times due to this lack of affordance now,
> so I wonder what the rationale for changing it was, and if we could bring it
> back. I think it might be useful to detect double-click actions too, if
> that's feasible.

As I remember it, someone filed a nautilus bug stating that they found the
underlines annoying, I made a comment that perhaps just changing the mouse
cursor would be ok, and jan made a patch and it was approved without much
other discussion. Of course i'm not sure if it was the right decision or not
but thats how it happened, i believe. 

There are of course some problems. Mainly that the behavior is inconsistent
between the list and icon views. In the list view, all file names are
underlined, while using single click mode, and and the cursor doesn't change
when hovering over items (if i am remembering the behavior correctly). This
inconsistency is obviously bad.

I think however this issue goes a little bit beyond only nautilus and is a
general gnome inconsistency. Maybe I'm getting a little off topic here, but
the behavior of click behavior really should be standardized by just choosing
one behavior and going with it. Currently on the panel single clicking a
launcher will launch it, while on the desktop in the default double click mode
you have to click it twice. I've talked with seth about this in the past and
he had expressed the opinion that either all controls (icons/toolbar buttons
etc) should require a double click or only a single click. 

I hope these comments are somewhat helpful.


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