Re: Let's remove the Nautilus News sidepanel

> I agree. It's the source of much bug traffic and is far enough from
> Nautilus' core mission that I don't see it as being worth the valuable
> hacking time needed to nurse it along.

I totally agree...for the amount of work involved it doesn't seem worth
it. I really think that a News sidebar doesn't belong in a file manager
[as cool as it is - I use the one in Evolution]. The only useful feature
in the sidebar really seems to be the TreeView, which I would like to
see being rolled into the Icon View, List View and Tree View option.
Plus, it really seems to take up a lot of wasted space.

			Just my opionion though [1],
					Glynn ;)

[1] and I would really like to see some Usability people replying to
this thread - and some possible Usability tests?

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