Re: Let's remove the Nautilus News sidepanel

On 28Apr2002 02:34AM (+0100), Glynn Foster wrote:

> The only useful feature in the sidebar really seems to be the
> TreeView, which I would like to see being rolled into the Icon View,
> List View and Tree View option.  Plus, it really seems to take up a
> lot of wasted space.

The List view should be converted to an Outline view (which is
essentially a Tree view with multiple columns with a possibly-changing
root instead of always rooted at '/'). I don't think I'm adding
anything original by saying this though.

If we had an Outline view I don't know if it would still make sense ot
have the Tree view. I guess it would still be useful as a side view to
navigate while looking at things in the main view.

I also wish the Tree view had a better name. Tree is such a nerdy term
that focuses more on the implenentation that the actual UI and purpose
of the feature. Can anyone thing of a better name? The best I can come
up with is "System Outline" which is way too wordy.

 - Maciej

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