Re: Nautilus preferences proposal

On Sat, 2002-04-27 at 21:15, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> I went through the preferences today and have some suggestions. Some of
> these i've already filed in bugzilla. These are in no particular order.
> 1. Remove default font from "appearance" preference, the default font
> should just be the gtk system font. I have a feeling that this will be
> important for accessiblity as well. Also while i'm on this we should use
> a font selector similar to the one used in the gtk font selection. The
> current font selection sucks.
> 2."Icon & List View" preference should be renamed. Maybe File Manager. 

Why?  I think the current name makes tons of sense.
> 3. Remove list view font preferences. While for the icon view it may
> make sense to be able to change the font and font size for the icon
> captions, the list view imho should just use system default chosen by
> the user.

Same question as above.

While this preference doesn't work at the moment, I would like to see it
work in the future.  Perhaps I will work on this tomorrow.
> 4. News panel preferences should be in the sidebar panels preferences


> like the tree view prefs are ( assuming we keep the news panel, i vote
> for losing it)
> 5. speed tradeoffs: i actually like this one, except what the hell does
> "Make folder appearances Details public" mean, i have no clue what this
> preference does, but if it does anything useful well it should be
> renamed.

I agree.  This is poorly named.

> 6. Navigation preferences: ( this need sub categories)
> 6.a.The option to change the location of the home directory seems like
> crack to me. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but in unix home is a
> very definitive location. 

I can see your point.  However, when desktop==home it is important to be
able to change where the home button (on the navigation bar) takes you.

> 6.b Built in bookmarks need to go. They basically were an advertising
> mechanism for eazel. I think this is also important considering right
> now nautiuls is in no way a web browser.
> 7. Sidebar panels: only complaint i have is that it kind of makes no
> sense to include files in our current tree view. If we were to

There was a very long thread on this topic back in the eazel days.  I
personally like it the way it is.  Since I don't have OS X, could you
tell me what features are needed to make this useful for you?

> reimplement the tree view like macos well than it would always make
> sense to include files.   
> 8. icon captions: this dialog is lame, just integrate these in with view
> defaults for the icon view.

Good idea.

> please feel free to flame me.

OK :)

> dave
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