Nautilus preferences proposal

I went through the preferences today and have some suggestions. Some of
these i've already filed in bugzilla. These are in no particular order.

1. Remove default font from "appearance" preference, the default font
should just be the gtk system font. I have a feeling that this will be
important for accessiblity as well. Also while i'm on this we should use
a font selector similar to the one used in the gtk font selection. The
current font selection sucks.

2."Icon & List View" preference should be renamed. Maybe File Manager. 

3. Remove list view font preferences. While for the icon view it may
make sense to be able to change the font and font size for the icon
captions, the list view imho should just use system default chosen by
the user.

4. News panel preferences should be in the sidebar panels preferences
like the tree view prefs are ( assuming we keep the news panel, i vote
for losing it)

5. speed tradeoffs: i actually like this one, except what the hell does
"Make folder appearances Details public" mean, i have no clue what this
preference does, but if it does anything useful well it should be

6. Navigation preferences: ( this need sub categories)
6.a.The option to change the location of the home directory seems like
crack to me. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but in unix home is a
very definitive location. 
6.b Built in bookmarks need to go. They basically were an advertising
mechanism for eazel. I think this is also important considering right
now nautiuls is in no way a web browser.

7. Sidebar panels: only complaint i have is that it kind of makes no
sense to include files in our current tree view. If we were to
reimplement the tree view like macos well than it would always make
sense to include files.   

8. icon captions: this dialog is lame, just integrate these in with view
defaults for the icon view.

please feel free to flame me.


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