Re: [Nautilus-list] Tree view question

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 01:14, Michele Campeotto wrote:
> Il lun, 2002-04-22 alle 23:20, David Moles ha scritto:
> > P.S. OS X also encourages the use of a columnar view, where you'd
> > have (for instance), for /home/ringo/public_html:
> [...]
> > Personally, I strongly dislike it, as it doesn't in general allow
> > you to see more than about one level of context (on the size of
> > screen I use). But numbers of people apparently do like it, including
> > presumably Steve Jobs, who thought it was better than having a
> > properly spatial Finder. Maybe I just haven't found the killer app
> > for it yet.
>   I am one of those that really like columnar view, I liked it in
> WindowMaker and I like it in my new OS X (but I'm using it for just two
> days now... :-p).
>   I don't like the "expandable" list view because usually I'm not
> interested on the files details and it seems to me a pretty "cluttered"
> view. The columnar view is more clean and clear, IMHO and it allows me
> to see much more context than the icon view.

Is it the "expandable" part that's bothering you (i.e., that seems
cluttered), or the "list view" part? It seems to me that if you 
never click any of the expand/collapse icons, you've just got an
ordinary list view... so I don't see how expandability would make
it worse (except, okay, for the addition of 16 or 24 pixels' worth
of space for the expand/collapse icon).

The column view does allow you to see more context than icon view,
I'll give it that.

>   Probably it could be implemented as a view (and could be a good
> project to start), but I don't see it fitting very well in current
> Nautilus UI design...

I don't know; I think it could be made to fit. Heck, you could even
do it by embedding multiple Nautilus list views...

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