Re: [Nautilus-list] Need help on bug 75212

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:

> Basically the bug is about the trash-dialog being modal, so that nothing
> else can be done in Nautilus while the trash-dialog is up.
> Now.. ALL Nautilus dialogs are created modal with create_message_dialog in
> eel-stock-dialogs.c
> Are there any dialogs that NEED to be modal? And if so, can we assume that
> there are more dialogs that should NOT be modal than those that should, or
> is it the other way around?
> If there are few/no dialogs that should be modal, we can just change the
> default, and make sure we override it later when dialogs actually need to
> be modal.. or vica versa.

I don't think generally changing them to be modal is right. Code can 
easily depend on them being modal (e.g. memory handling is a lot easier 
then), and just blindly doing this change can potentially create lots of 
bad bugs.

The right solution is either:
a) Do a comprehensive review of all users of the stock dialogs and make 
sure they are non-modal safe. (And if not enable modality)
b) Default to modal, but make it easy to switch to non-modal. Then make 
the modal -> non-modal change per dialog as we detect them.

I'd say, go with b. It's a lot less risky.

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