Re: [Nautilus-list] The Future of Nautilus

Glen Gray <glen antefacto com> writes:

> > > 3. Integration of Nautilus preferences into the gnome control center.
> > 
> > The control center is being phased out in favour of nautilus acting like a 
> > shell for the capplets. :)
> >  
> Yes, but Nautilus preferences like the Apperance and the much talked
> about Home folder as Desktop etc. are all still integrated into Nautilus
> via the Edit/Preference. I think he means are those settings in the
> control panel. That wouldn't make sense in my opinion. Unless it was
> done in the same was as the Sawfish options. But even then....

I'd love to see someone write a simple nautilus-configurator to go in
the control-center -- or at least make the current preferences available
from there.  No time to do so, though.


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