Re: [Nautilus-list] The Future of Nautilus

I'll answer some of these questions. Please note, i am not a maintainer nor 
am I a representitive of the gnome project, so my comments do not 
neccessarily represent the views of these groups. However, I am a user and 
gnome2 beta tester, so i do have some insight.

> 1. Drag and dropping launchers onto the desktop.

launchers can be dragged to the desktop from the panel and panel menus.  

> 1.5 Right-click creation of desktop launchers.

support has been added to nautilus to create these launchers directly on the 
desktop. I also believe that this functionality will be added to the shell as 
well before the 2.0 release.

> 2. Easy access to the "Show hidden Files" setting.

future improvement, probably won't make it in to the 2.0 release, but may 
make it in to 2.2.

> 3. Integration of Nautilus preferences into the gnome control center.

I'm not sure what the status of this is. gnome control center is now a 
nautilus view, and many nautilus pref's will be set in the control-center, 
however nautilus still has many specific prefs that will and should be set in 
nautilus, imho. :)

> I believe these three things are the major things that need to be done
> to make GNOME really intuitive to the new user.
> With that said I recently installed Mandrake8.2 and Nautilus is at least
> 3 times faster and twice as functional than in 8.1 - the progress is
> incredible. Congratulations and many thanks to all the Nautilus
> developers.

GNOME2 nautilus is even faster. If you would like to try it, there are daily 
redhat 7.2 rpms available that make it easy to install, if you don't want to 
build from source. :)


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