Re: [Nautilus-list] The Future of Nautilus

On 17 Apr 2002, Mark Finlay wrote:

> It is very easy to find info and hype about the release of GNOME2, but I
> am unclear as to how this will effect Nautilus. I know that most of the
> Nautilus developers have been working on porting Nautilus to GNOME2. The
> question I'm asking is, am I to expect any major changes when I run
> Nautilus in GNOME2 in a few weeks?

No. The major work on Nautilus 2 is just porting it to Gnome 2 and 
keeping it working. We have even regressed on some features.
> Three major features myself and my site readers are hoping to see in
> Nautilus are:
> 1. Drag and dropping launchers onto the desktop.
Dragging from where?

> 1.5 Right-click creation of desktop launchers.
We have this, sort of. But eventually i'd like to make it more integrated 
with Nautilus.

> 2. Easy access to the "Show hidden Files" setting.
Wasn't someone working on this? I distinctly remember patches floating 
around. I remember some crack about putting it on the toolbar, which we 
won't do, but we should probably add it to the menus.

> 3. Integration of Nautilus preferences into the gnome control center.

The control center is being phased out in favour of nautilus acting like a 
shell for the capplets. :)
> With that said I recently installed Mandrake8.2 and Nautilus is at least
> 3 times faster and twice as functional than in 8.1 - the progress is
> incredible. Congratulations and many thanks to all the Nautilus
> developers.

Dude, try Nautilus 2. It'll blow your mind. :)
(If you ignore all the bugs.)

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