Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

Dave Bordoley wrote:

Based on speculation from briefly looking at the galeon list, I would
guess that in galeon2 this won't be an issue. Right now galeon embeded
is to tightly integrated into the galeon web browser ui. I'm pretty sure
that in galeon2 they are planning on seperate galeon the full-fledge
independent web browser, from the key galeon embeded component that
nautilus would use. Galeon developers please correct me if i'm wrong,
but that was the impression i got.

Yes, me too, according to the good job that have been made until now.
What I wanted to hilight was the differences between a nautilus view and a full featured
application. These will surely be addressed, and I'am in a hurry to see it.
This parentesis being closed, the nautilus galeon view seems a good & obvious choice (for me) and I'am
happy to hear about the switch (will increase quality by increasing focus).

that was just one of my two cents ;-)

                  Remi Cohen-Scali                       /\\
<Remi Cohen-Scali com>          <rcoscali rcsnet net>    _\_v

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