Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002 bordoley msu edu wrote:

> When I skimmed the galeon-devel list earlier in the week, in seemed at 
> least that they were planning on making galeon work with either 
> mozilla(if and when ported) as well as with gtkhtml2. I can email the 
> galeon  list to confirm this, since i'm not positive.
> But just to add, if galeon can't get mozilla to work, than nautilus can't 
> either which comes back to my original point. We should let the galeon 
> folks handle the webview, and ditch nautilus-mozilla and all it's bugs.

Since GtkHTML2 is basically unmaintained and unfinished i don't think that 
is a solutions. It is true though that nautilus and galeon have a common 
problem in getting mozilla to work with gnome 2. So it makes sense to 
share the work.

So, do we want to switch to just using the galeon view?

* Less code in Nautilus
* We get a maintainer for the web view
* We can close the old Mozilla view bugs
* People claim the galeon view is good (I didn't get it to work)
* Sharing of common ui and other elements between galeon and nautilus

* Another dependency added. In order to get a sane user experience we 
  would probably have to make the nautilus packages require galeon. 
  (Although it would not be needed when compiling nautilus.)
  In fact, this seems to be a bad circular dependency, since galeon would 
  BuildRequire nautilus and nautilus would (runtime)Require galeon. It may 
  be solvable though.
* We lose control of the web-browsing parts of Nautilus. This means that 
  parts of the UI is defined outside of nautilus, and may evolve in ways 
  we don't agree with.
* Nautilus and Galeon have different release cycles, so getting a working 
  release could be painful at times.
* More packaging work for distros to make a nice working setup.

In the end i think what decides it for me is that we have nobody working 
on the nautilus mozilla view, while galeon has an active developer 
community. So I'm in favor of using the galeon view.

But i'd like to hear Darins opinion, and the opinion of the galeon 

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