Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

Based on speculation from briefly looking at the galeon list, I would
guess that in galeon2 this won't be an issue. Right now galeon embeded
is to tightly integrated into the galeon web browser ui. I'm pretty sure
that in galeon2 they are planning on seperate galeon the full-fledge
independent web browser, from the key galeon embeded component that
nautilus would use. Galeon developers please correct me if i'm wrong,
but that was the impression i got.


On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 21:22, Rémi Cohen-Scali wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >In the end i think what decides it for me is that we have nobody working 
> >on the nautilus mozilla view, while galeon has an active developer 
> >community. So I'm in favor of using the galeon view.
> >
> Before completly switching, their is some problems with nautilus galeon 
> view that need serious fixes, as when nautilus is launched before the 
> first use of galeon.  
> The wizard launched on the first galeon use is crashing when run from 
> nautilus galeon view. A similar problem has been fixed with session 
> restoration dialog.
> Perhaps here their is some design issues (Galeon view have been spinned 
> off so quickly .. but I don't really know a lot about).
> Nevertheless I really love nautilus galeon view.
> I use it on a daily basis and it reveals really stable.
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