Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

On 6 Apr 2002, David Fallon wrote:

> On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 11:15, Alex Larsson wrote:
> > CONS:
> > -----
> > * Another dependency added. In order to get a sane user experience we 
> >   would probably have to make the nautilus packages require galeon. 
> >   (Although it would not be needed when compiling nautilus.)
> >   In fact, this seems to be a bad circular dependency, since galeon would 
> >   BuildRequire nautilus and nautilus would (runtime)Require galeon. It may 
> >   be solvable though.
> > * We lose control of the web-browsing parts of Nautilus. This means that 
> >   parts of the UI is defined outside of nautilus, and may evolve in ways 
> >   we don't agree with.
> On the other hand, having the galeon view will hopefully encourage both
> sets of developers to come together with the UI issues.

> > * Nautilus and Galeon have different release cycles, so getting a working 
> >   release could be painful at times.
> My (limited) understanding of such things, esp with the naut-mozilla
> incompatibilities, is that the api for mozilla was in a state of flux,
> so each moz release required a new nautilus release with the minor
> tweaks necessary to get things back in sync. However, with the nautilus
> view as api, are things changing that much? I thought that things have
> basically stabilized. Or am I missing something?

That's not really what i meant. Say you want to release a stable nautilus, 
but the current cvs version of galeon is really unstable for some reason, 
and the last stable version didn't work with the current mozilla or 
nautilus. I agree that the Nautilus interface will be pretty stable 
though, so it shouldn't be that bad. And the mozilla interfaces will 
hopefully be frozen soon as they reach 1.0.

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