Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

On 6 Apr 2002, Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:

> El sáb, 06-04-2002 a las 21:15, Alex Larsson escribió:
> > * People claim the galeon view is good (I didn't get it to work)
> What's the problem? It should be as easy to build and run as any other
> NautliusView for gnome 1...
> I'm interested because I'm the supposed maintainer of it.

I just used the latest (rawhide) packages of nautilus (1.0.6-12), mozilla 
(0.9.9-6) and galeon (1.2.0-5). Whenever i try to use the view it just 

** ERROR **: This process has not registered the required OafIID your 
source code should register 'OAFIID:GNOME_Galeon_NautilusViewFactory'. If 
your code is performing delayed registration and this message is trapped 
in error, see oaf_idle_reg_check_set.

** WARNING **: nautilus(21799): A view failed. The UI will handle this 
with a dialog but this should be debugged.

> > CONS:
> > -----
> > * Another dependency added. In order to get a sane user experience we 
> >   would probably have to make the nautilus packages require galeon. 
> >   (Although it would not be needed when compiling nautilus.)
> >   In fact, this seems to be a bad circular dependency, since galeon would 
> >   BuildRequire nautilus and nautilus would (runtime)Require galeon. It may 
> >   be solvable though.
> Currently, you are requiring Mozilla and another package (the mozilla
> view) to achieve the same thing. Using galeon instead of the current
> mozilla view is just replacing one package with another, because galeon
> has not any dependency that nautilus doesn't have already (besides
> mozilla)

Yes. But the nautilus-mozilla package is a really small one, and we're 
gonna require mozilla anyway (since galeon requires it). I don't 
personally care, but i know we're gonna get screams about "bloat".

> > * We lose control of the web-browsing parts of Nautilus. This means that 
> >   parts of the UI is defined outside of nautilus, and may evolve in ways 
> >   we don't agree with.
> galeon-devel is always open to discussions about usability and
> consistency. Galeon aimed since the first moment to be as consistent as
> possible with the rest of gnome. For example, it didn't create an
> inconsitent custom zoom control ;-)

Heh. Yeah. Nautilus is not the best example of an app that looks like the 
rest of the Gnome desktop, but Nautilus 2 does somewhat better.

> Being a galeon developer, I know that keeping up to date with mozilla is
> quite a bit of work. Duplicating that work in gnome is pointless, IMHO.

I very much agree.

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