Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 17:31, Erich Schubert wrote:
> > parts ie. galeon could be optionally built with or without nautilus
> > support.
> That actually is essential IMHO. I know a lot of people who use galeon
> without gnome, as well as many people using gnome without nautilus.
> (me for example, i rarely run nautilus, i prefer xterms ;)
> Actually the Debian Packages are currently built without nautilus
> support; a few people have complained to me about galeon requiring
> libnautilus, so i decided to remove the nautilus support for now.
> IMHO it would be very good if the nautilus view could be build
> completely separate.

Another cool thing would be if you could install the galeon view for
nautilus without installing the complete galeon shell. Would be a nice

> > > * More packaging work for distros to make a nice working setup.
> > 
> > Galeon is included by default with most gnome shipping distros, so i
> > really don't think this is an issue. We are simply trading components,
> > ditching nautilus-mozilla and instead using galeon view.
> Debian for example has already a separate "nautilus-mozilla" package;
> so this won't change much when nautilus decides to use galeon.
> Actually i'm going to make a galeon-nautilus package soon anyway...
> Unfortunately nautilus view support is currently in the main galeon
> binary; i'd really prefer having it a separate library, so the
> "galeon-nautilus" package won't get too big...
> Hopefully sometime galeon will not require the full mozilla browser, but
> just it's engines... But i'm not sure if this will ever happen.
> But then the galeon view could actually be faster than the
> nautilus-mozilla view and even need less disc space/memory...

I filed a bug with mozilla a while back about making mozilla installable
without the full xul interface, just the embeded part. IIRC a lot of the
linking to mozilla problems are really just license/legal issues that
will hopefully clear up once mozilla is fully gpl/lgpl/mpl


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