Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

> parts ie. galeon could be optionally built with or without nautilus
> support.

That actually is essential IMHO. I know a lot of people who use galeon
without gnome, as well as many people using gnome without nautilus.
(me for example, i rarely run nautilus, i prefer xterms ;)
Actually the Debian Packages are currently built without nautilus
support; a few people have complained to me about galeon requiring
libnautilus, so i decided to remove the nautilus support for now.
IMHO it would be very good if the nautilus view could be build
completely separate.

> > * More packaging work for distros to make a nice working setup.
> Galeon is included by default with most gnome shipping distros, so i
> really don't think this is an issue. We are simply trading components,
> ditching nautilus-mozilla and instead using galeon view.

Debian for example has already a separate "nautilus-mozilla" package;
so this won't change much when nautilus decides to use galeon.
Actually i'm going to make a galeon-nautilus package soon anyway...
Unfortunately nautilus view support is currently in the main galeon
binary; i'd really prefer having it a separate library, so the
"galeon-nautilus" package won't get too big...

Hopefully sometime galeon will not require the full mozilla browser, but
just it's engines... But i'm not sure if this will ever happen.
But then the galeon view could actually be faster than the
nautilus-mozilla view and even need less disc space/memory...


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