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 This seems like a great idea. I look forward to seeing it progress.

I've just started getting familar with mozilla and nautilus in my spare time, so I'm a little weak on details, but I've been thinking that it would be great to plugin-ify browsers' existing bookmark interfaces. Then an external agent could completely take over bookmark functions, from filing bookmarks, to displaying them from pulldown or popup menus.

Most browsers seem to have the same kinds of generic user-interfaces to bookmarks, so it should be possible to specify a fairly simple plugin API that can re-implement at least a subset of the browser's bookmarks interface.

So, from the description of your development work, it sounds like it might be a good fit to implement this hypothetical bookmark plugin API as a gnobog frontend, letting the user run gnobog directly from within any of his browsers that implement the bookmark plugin API.

Now, if only that browser bookmark plugin API existed! Even if I had the time, I'd want to get a lot more familiar with the zen of a few different browsers before I tried to shoehorn all of their different bookmark handling models into a single abstraction.

So in the meantime, I look forward to seeing gnobog grow!

- George

Renaud Chaillat wrote:

On Sunday 16 September 2001 08:13, George Karabin wrote :

P.S., on a related note, it would be interesting if you could manipulate
bookmarks using a virtual folder concept, like in Evolution. I have
plenty of bookmarks that I would really like to pre-sort into muliple
folders, because they each apply to multiple categories.

As a bonus, you could share the folders between browsers if you'd
decided that sharing bookmarks between applications was a good idea.

Actually that's an idea we're playing with for the development version of gnobog. Xbel wasn't sufficient in our opinion to suit our needs, so we've started with some ideas for our own xml format (keeping in mind that it should be easy to convert to/from xbel nonetheless). This way we can try our own ideas, even if we may find we're wrong :-)

So we separate the actual data (the bookmarks) from the structure(s) used to display them. Thus ALL bookmarks displayed/manipulated will be aliases to the actual data, and you can have different views on the same data.

We've written a test implementation with a plugin architecture to be able to read/write several bookmarks format, to/from our xml format.
The plugins can be external scripts/progs, xsl stylesheets or shared libs.

The current goal is to provide a library and/or a gnome-vfs module (I'm currently testing this idea) to handle bookmarks from any format/source (even remote). We can then imagine a corba or bonobo layer over it, if I'm not completely misleaded :-)

This lib would allow different kinds of frontends, even in the kde part of the world ;-)

For those interested there's some working test code in the gnobog-test cvs module on sourceforge. Hope this could be of any help !


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