Re: [Nautilus-list] Bookmarks in sidebar tab

Hi folks, time for me to de-lurk on this one,
Maciej Stachowiak/ wrote:

I'm not even sure if it's right for Nautilus and something like Galeon
or Mozilla to have the same set of bookmarks. For instance, it's
pretty useful for me to bookmark local directories I visit often in
Nautilus, but this bookmark would be just noise in a program I use
only as a web browser. Likewise I may want to bookmark my favorite ftp
sites or smb shares in Nautilus, and these bookmarks would be less
useful in a pure web browser.

Conversely, since I use Nautilus less for web browsing than other
programs, bookmarks for all my favorite web sites may or may not be
useful. Certainly anything with Flash animations or heavy use of
JavaScript wouldn't be.

Mostly, when I decide to look at some content (whether it's on the web or local), I'd like to use whichever browser is most convenient - i.e., whichever one is open and in focus. I wouldn't want to switch to a different browser just to look at a different type of content, especially if I'm following hyperlinks (and files that I'm opening in Nautilus frequently link to items on the web).

So, if I'm viewing a page in a browser that is perhaps not best-suited for it, I usually don't have the discipline to switch to the browser that I think I'll be viewing the page from in the future - instead, I just bookmark it in whatever I'm using and go on. Over time, I accumulate bookmarks in each browser that I use, and I have to manually merge them, or more likely, open both browsers looking for some bookmark that I haven't used in some time.

Ideally, you could share bookmarks between browsers in a way that doesn't show up as noise. For instance, you could add a single folder to each browser's bookmark menu. It could contain subdirectories that correspond to the bookmarks of the other browsers in the system. So, for the small cost of 1 entry to the top-level bookmark menu, you've have access to all of your bookmarks independent of which browser you happened to be using at the time you bookmarked it.

- George

P.S., on a related note, it would be interesting if you could manipulate bookmarks using a virtual folder concept, like in Evolution. I have plenty of bookmarks that I would really like to pre-sort into muliple folders, because they each apply to multiple categories. As a bonus, you could share the folders between browsers if you'd decided that sharing bookmarks between applications was a good idea.

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