[Nautilus-list] Nautilus bugs -- call for help

The current set of Nautilus open bugs is way too big. There are a few things
we need to do:

    1) Find all the enhancement requests and mark them as such. Also set the
milestone for most (if not all) of them to "future".
    2) Find the bugs that are not urgent to fix and set the milestone for
them to "future".
    3) Cull out duplicates.
    4) Close poorly written or irrelevant bugs reports.
    5) Mark as fixed bugs that have already been fixed (there are many of
    6) Give better summaries for the many recently-reported bugs with poor
ones. I used to do this on each bug as it came in, but I haven't been doing
it for the last few months and there are some bad summaries in there.
    7) Attach a milestone to every bug so we can recognize new bug reports
by the lack of a milestone.
    8) Improve the components and make sure bugs are in the right component.
    9) Reassign bugs to nautilus-maint bugzilla gnome org unless the current
person the bug is assigned to is actually working on a fix.

Once those are done, we can have a manageable bug list that can be a useful
tool for deciding what to do next. We can even assign bugs to people who are
working on things.

It's too big a job for me to do myself, or even with just Jon Allen's help.
If you are willing to help with any of these tasks, please send me mail
saying so, and we can get together and figure it out.

    -- Darin

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