Re: [Nautilus-list] a couple simple questions....

<quote who="Ryan Muldoon">

> 1. Is there a way for Nautilus to use theme-defined emblems?  I like to
> use the Ximian-South theme, as the artwork more closely matches the rest
> of Ximian GNOME.  The Ximian-South theme ships with a bunch of useful
> emblems that I would like to use, but I don't see any (straightforward)
> way of using them.

Perhaps not theme-defined, but you can use your own custom emblems if you
put them in ~/.nautilus/emblems/. Likewise, you can use your own custom
patterns if you put them in ~/.nautilus/patterns/. Very funky.

[ Not sure about your other problem, I'd prefer that mounted volumes not
appear on my desktop. :) ]

- Jeff

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