[Nautilus-list] Re: Naurilus and fonts

> Kaixo!
Hej Pablo!
> Does any of you know where the fonts used by Nautilus for the icons,
> and the left tab in navigation window come from ?
> They seem to have been done only for western languages, and show 
> question marks for other languages; making Nautilus quite unusable.
> I would like to fix it, but I didn't find the place to.
These fonts are URW fonts distributed with eel. Most important of them is n019003l.pfb,
coz it's used for first-lanch window texts (and also as default for sidebar tags and so on).
Latest URW fonts from gnu-gs-fonts-6.0 include most of latin-based alphabets (iso8859-15 ?).
The only way to fix it is to change these fonts in eel distribution.

The ALTLinux team always did it for sysiphus. Look at ftp://ftp.altlinux.ru/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Sisyphus/SRPMS
for the examples. In this depositarium regular URW fonts was changed with cyrillic extended URW fonts.

Best wishes

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