[Nautilus-list] a couple simple questions....

I just installed nautilus on my new computer, and I am really enjoying
the feel of the GNOME environment again after being stuck with windows
all summer at work.  However, I've got a couple quick questions:

1. Is there a way for Nautilus to use theme-defined emblems?  I like to
use the Ximian-South theme, as the artwork more closely matches the rest
of Ximian GNOME.  The Ximian-South theme ships with a bunch of useful
emblems that I would like to use, but I don't see any (straightforward)
way of using them.

2. I am currently playing with using $HOME as my desktop....I like it,
and it will be even nicer once the Nautilus directory goes away in the
next release.  (Getting rid of the evolution directory, or hiding it,
would be nice as well....but that's for another list)  One thing that I
have noticed, however, is that if I insert a CD or a zip disk, an icon
doesn't pop up on my desktop, although it does if I use the default
desktop for Nautilus.  Is there any way that this can be fixed?  Things
like this and the Trash should appear regardless of what directory the
user chooses for their desktop.  Otherwise it is just confusing.

Any chance that these will be in the next release, along with the RH
merges?  Or do they exist now, and I'm just blind? ;-)


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