[Nautilus-list] How to create a new file through nautilus?

I'd like to be able to right click on a nautilus file-list pane and create
a new file.  On windows, you can get a list of file types to create.  I'm
not sure I need even this much.  Just a way to create and name a file
which can then be picked up by an application based on file extension.

For instance:

	Go to my "Correspondence" directory.
	Right click and select "new".
	Type in under the generic icon the words "to-dad.abw".
	Click on "to-dad.abw" to bring up abiword.

Is the reason this isn't implemented because each file type requires
certain information inside the file itself such that when it's double
clicked it won't cause an error in the app trying to read it?

How about, then, something similar to the scripts directory in which we
can place blank "templates" of the docs we want.  I (as a user) could add
a blank abiword or gnumeric or text file there and have it show up on the
"new file" sub-menu.  Nautilus would then copy the file over, making sure
the name was unique.

Is something like this in the works?

Right now, I have to start up an application, then do a save as.  I prefer
to use the data files themselves as a way to invoke apps, rather than
using apps to create datafiles.

Anyway, just curious.  I wouldn't mind implementing the features myself,
but I have to admit that I've not written in C since forever, and never in
C++.  (I'm a java, pascal, perl, python and hopefully soon lisp type of


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