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It's cool that most of what I want is already there. ;-)

I kind of like the idea of Nautilus just doing the Right Thing if I drag a song to my music folder.....One of my (perhaps wrongheaded) thoughts on general UI stuff is that the user doesn't (or, at least, shouldn't have to) care how something is if I can listen to a song on my cd, and I want to have it on my hard drive too, I should just drag it over.  Kind of thinking in terms of functionality instead of applications.  Of course, this could be an HCI horror, and I am just too ignorant to realize why. ;-)  It just seems like a nice bit of integration/seamlessness.

Of course, I also am the one that thinks that emblems should represent actions as well, so maybe I'm off my rocker.

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Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 10:29:43 +0800
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On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 01:16:23PM -0400, rpmuldoon students wisc edu wrote:
> A nifty eventual feature for nautilus could be something like the following:
> a gnome-vfs plugin for cdda, so you can view cds in nautilus, and either drag and drop individual songs (which are have the correct name from using the free cddb service) to local media, or drag the whole cd.  They could be converted to ogg or mp3 format, so it is nice and seamless.  In the case of dragging the whole cd, it makes a directory for the songs, and sets the cover image for you.  That would be pretty cool.

Apart from the encoding part, this has already been done. If you compile
gnome-vfs with CDDA enabled and insert an audio CD the filenames are the track
names from CDDB :)

Perhaps someone needs to write a panel applet that you can d+d audio files to
to have them encoded. This would be that MacOS/MacOSX way...

Ian (who is enjoying dropstuffX)

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