Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus vs. xpenguins

Ben Ford wrote:

> Huh?  How do I justify NOT having the file manager take over the desktop
> root window?  Maybe because it breaks gobs of other programs that I use
> quite often such as root-tail or any screensaver hack --root and it
> destroys my E root menus!  It makes desktop switching slow.
> And for what?  Pretty text?  Sorry, my text is plenty pretty for me.
> Seems to me the nautilus way of doing it is the "cutesy hack"

I have to agree with this..  but is this pretty text and transparancy
selection impossible without overdrawing the whole root desktop..?

However overdrawing the rootdesktops breaks a lot off stuff i hope
someone will make an hack for this... (Don't complain.. FIX) >:)

  -- Dennis Smit.

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