Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus vs. xpenguins

You probably all know this, but you can tell Nautilus not to draw the
desktop (in the Preferences dialog) and then the penguins can dance once
more. The icons in the desktop window are still around in the directory
~/.gnome-desktop, so you can leave a window to that directory open all the
time if you want.

In the meantime, it would be a lot of work to get Nautilus to manage the
desktop window but not paint the whole thing. It would be fine if somebody
wants to tackle this, but it's not easy due to Nautilus's use of an
anti-aliased canvas. Perhaps in the promised future when X supports
anti-aliased graphics automatically this will be simpler.


on 5/26/01 5:17 AM, Dennis Smit at synap area101 penguin nl wrote:

> Ben Ford wrote:
>> Huh?  How do I justify NOT having the file manager take over the desktop
>> root window?  Maybe because it breaks gobs of other programs that I use
>> quite often such as root-tail or any screensaver hack --root and it
>> destroys my E root menus!  It makes desktop switching slow.
>> And for what?  Pretty text?  Sorry, my text is plenty pretty for me.
>> Seems to me the nautilus way of doing it is the "cutesy hack"
> I have to agree with this..  but is this pretty text and transparancy
> selection impossible without overdrawing the whole root desktop..?
> However overdrawing the rootdesktops breaks a lot off stuff i hope
> someone will make an hack for this... (Don't complain.. FIX) >:)
> -- Dennis Smit.
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