[Nautilus-list] Re: [PMH] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

> As has been already mentioned, nautilus has a way how to change perms
> without launching a shell (I bet gmc has too, dunno). 

Of course I know this.  And you do too.  And yes, gmc has this as

The problem is not that *we* know that this exists.  But the problem
is that I have *seen* people confused while trying to install software
from the network. 

Yes, they are not Linux people, they just happened to be using Linux
because someone told them `It is easy', well, as it turns out, it was

I am trying to remove roadblocks here.  Try spending some time with a
complete newcomer to Linux and watch them run into problems.  For each
problem, try to think of a solution rather than thinking of a

> Every "will linux email clients be threatened by melissa-like worms?"
> article ends with "we have the execute bit 'security'". I vote for not
> having this feature implemented...

You realize that this gives you no security at all right?  That if
someone inserts a virus/trojan into a program that you trust you will
go and set the bit manually, and you will run it, and you will not get
a warning, and you will be just as bad, right?

So who are you trying to fool here?


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