[Nautilus-list] Re: [PMH] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

> Does this actually happen?  Can anyone remember the last time they
> downloaded a single binary executable from the web?  Especially ones
> that weren't compressed, which might throw this off?  It sounds to me
> that this isn't really a problem.. then again, the fix is simple enough,
> so not a big deal.

Ok, then I can extend my thingie to also catch compressed files.

You do download installers every once in a while as native
executables.  This is a very common task in Windows as well. 

> Also, the app that is registered for elf/a.out files worries me, because
> it opens the way for the nifty MS-like email viruses.  Something like
> Evolution would pick up the elf/a.out handler, and offer an 'Execute'
> option.. or double click.. and then we could easily be screwed.

Yes, it does.  It opens up a warning (as you can see in the source code).

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