Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

> This is not sufficient. You would have to check for more - Target
> architecture, required libraries, library versions, other
> dependencies.

My program checks for target architecture.  For all the other cases,
they all boil down to `Program can not be executed for XXX reason'.
And this is easy to do: exec the file, if you come back from exec, you
know there was a problem, popup dialog window.

If you see the code I posted, it does exactlly that.

> >  Maybe we could popup a warning or something, but the
> > result should be that files downloaded in this way would just work.
> A warning is not enough, otherwise you would be opening GNOME for
> viruses. 

A warning is better than no warning and letting a user just set the
bit himself.  The only way of having a fully secure system is to sign
every executable ever ran by the operating system, and put this check
into the kernel.  And disable modules as well.

> I don't see anything new what could not have already been handled by
> standard mime-types etc.

That is how I implemented it.

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