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Louis Garcia wrote:

Ben Ford wrote:

Louis Garcia wrote:


No, What I'm saying is nautilus does not draw my desktop. I have to
run nautilus manually to see my icons like the house for my home dir
and the trash bin. I know this is a bug.


Nobody has asked yet if you made sure to set Nautilus to draw the background.

This is in <ski symbol>  -- > Preferences --> Windows & Desktop.

Make sure it is set.  (and I apologize if this seems elementary)


Yes, it is set. I have deturnimed that nautilus-1.0.3 have a session bug. I have files a bugzilla report #8279.


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i have had the exact same problem, but this is not new to 1.0.3, it occurred in 1.0.2 as well as in 1.0 (i think). i'm not dead sure of 1.0 but i am of 1.0.2. i am using debian unstable and 1.0.2 was ximian's woody deb's. 1.0.3 was compiled from source. i have three different logons, root, an id in the root group, and an normal user id. the problem only occurred in the second id. what's unique about it is that when you bring up the session properties for the second id nautilus' state is trash. for the other two id's it is respawn which is probably what it should be. if you change it the respawn and then log off and on again, it is back to trash but nautilus starts. whenever you logoff/logon when it is trash nautilus fails to start. i have no idea how this comes about, there is no difference between these three id's that i can see. the problem started when i switched to kde in the second id, so i suspected this had something to do with nautilus not starting. but when i did this for root the problem didn't occur. the third id never used kde. i am using wdm.


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