Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus 1.0.3 problem

jrb redhat com wrote:

Louis Garcia <louisg00 bellsouth net> writes:

Darin Adler wrote:

on 5/9/01 10:54 PM, Louis Garcia at louisg00 bellsouth net wrote:

Nautilus does not want to start on its own after logon. As a normal user
on a RH7.1 box the first time I log on nautilus frist time druid runs
fine but all logons after that I'm looking at the desktop and the panel
but no nautilus. I have to run nautilus from the menu. Yes, I'm choosing
nautilus from gdm-2.2.1 with gnome-core- This never happened with

Any ideas?

Nautilus doesn't automatically open a window at startup time. You have to
open a window by typing "nautilus" or by using the New Window command from
the desktop right-click menu.

It's possible that the window you got each time you logged in with 1.0.2 was
due to a bug in Nautilus. I'm not sure.

  -- Darin

No, What I'm saying is nautilus does not draw my desktop. I have to
run nautilus manually to see my icons like the house for my home dir
and the trash bin. I know this is a bug.

Try saving your session after you run nautilus.  It should work then.


Nope, did not work.

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