Re: [Nautilus-list] tgz, zip, rpm

on 5/4/01 6:37 AM, R. Charles  Tersteeg at aa0na yahoo com wrote:

> how do i assign a view for these types of files?  didn't it work before
> the current release?

There's no viewer for tgz or zip files. If someone made one, it would be
easy to "assign" the view to those files, using the View As menu. There is
some rudimentary support for using the icon and list views directly on the
contents of some kinds of archives in gnome-vfs, but it's not well tested
and there's no easy way to use it from Nautilus. This is an area I'd like to
see someone contributing to.

There is a package viewer (that currently works only for RPM files), but
it's part of the trilobite package, not of Nautilus itself. If you have the
trilobite package installed, it will work automatically. There's no need to
"assign" the view -- it's the only currently-available viewer that works for
RPM files, and thus will be the default.

    -- Darin

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