Re: [Nautilus-list] Toggling state of 'Open each file or folder in a separate window'

Hi John,

On Fri, 4 May 2001, John Sullivan wrote:

> Nautilus 1.0.3, which will be released any day now, has addressed this issue
> in a slightly different way. Control-O is always "Open", which matches your
> preference in terms of opening a new window or not. Control-Shift-O is the
> opposite one, either "Open in New Window" or "Open in Same Window" depending
> on how your preference is set. So there are always keyboard equivalents for
> doing either one.

Oh, I am seeing it now (I'm running one of yesterday's hourly's)

This is a nice feature, but I think that having a modifier key for this
would be a good idea too (for a future release.) The rationale?  Well, the
Control-Shift-O option requires people navigating with the mouse to click
to select the file or folder and then move one hand from the mouse to the
keyboard to hit Ctrl-Shift or 'O'; or to access the Ctrl-Shift-O option
from the File menu uaing the mouse (or keyboard.) Both ways slow you down.

With a modifier to toggle the state of this preference people can use one
hand to press the modifier key and the other to control the mouse and open
files or folders. This can even be faster that full keyboard navigation
because when navigating using the keyboard only you need to use the arrow
keys to move around and locate the folder and then Ctrl-Shift-O. With
the mouse you go directly to the file or folder and double click it
(while pressing the modifier key if you want to toggle the preference.)

Summarizing, I think Ctrl-Shift-O is nice for full keyboard
navigation, but it slows down people moving around the directory
structure with just the mouse. The modifier to toggle the preference
allows for faster mouse navigation

Just $0.02 from a user's perspective ;-)



P.S. Since hitting Enter when a file or folder is selected does the
same as Control-O, i.e. opens that file or folder, wouldn't it be nice
to have Shift-Enter do the same as Ctrl-Shift-O?

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