Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: rss feeds

> So we now have 3 types of content that people should be able to install by
> clicking on a link on a web page:
> - Nautilus themes
> - Nautilus scripts
> - RSS feeds.
> Andy's interested in helping out with this and may take a shot at
> implementing Ben's idea over the next few days.
> To begin with, we should organize these 3 pages in a similar fashion, but in
> a second phase (in a month or two?) we should integrate this into a
> type of thing,
> Bart

Shouldn't these be 'packaged'? It would be great if it was possible to be able
to manage all this in Red Carpet. And I do remember someone from Ximian saying
that it will (might?) be possible someday to install themes from RC.

Another advantage would be that they could automaticly be upgraded. One could
e.g. install a "Linux" RSS categorie and have that upgraded by apt-get or RC.

If not then it would still be great to install packages by clicking on them on
some site. Perhaps using a sort of embedded RC :-).


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