Re: [Nautilus-list] Ammonite dependency appeared

on 5/4/01 2:10 AM, Ross Burton at r burton 180sw com wrote:
> I noticed that Ammonite has just become a dependancy of nautilus in
> between the 2001-05-02 and 2001-05-04 snapshots.  Why is this - I don't
> install Trilobite so why is Ammonite needed?

Ammonite did not just become a dependency of Nautilus. The only change is
that the RPM spec file,, now includes the Ammonite
requirement. The rest of Nautilus is unchanged. You can still configure and
build either with or without Ammonite.

On 04 May 2001 02:53:06 -0700, Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
>> Ammonite is used by Nautilus to populate the Services menus, determine
>> your Eazel Services user name, and by the Mozilla component to do uri
>> munging to work with eazel-services.

on 5/4/01 4:04 AM, Ross Burton at r burton 180sw com wrote:
> If it is the Mozilla component which needs Ammonite, not Nautilus
> (except for the services stuff), maybe the dependancy should be moved
> there?  I notice that the nautilus-mozilla RPM does not depend on
> Ammonite.  As I don't use Mozilla in Nautilus this would remove one
> source of the requirement.

You can build Nautilus without Ammonite. If you do so, Nautilus itself, and
the Mozilla component, will leave out certain bits of code that are needed
to work properly with Eazel services.

The dependency is both in Nautilus itself and in the Mozilla component, as
Ramiro says above. So your suggestion that this dependency should just be in
the Mozilla component is won't work.

Someone can make a Nautilus package that doesn't use Ammonite at all if they
want to, but it will be incompatible with Eazel Services. Eazel won't be
making this kind of Nautilus package.

This is already far more flexible that it was for Nautlius 1.0 - 1.0.2. In
the future we might find a way to make this even more elegant.

    -- Darin

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