Re: [Nautilus-list] rss feeds

Don't get me wrong, I think that the sidebar panel is a great idea.

I suggest Foot->News because it strikes me that we should try and go for
something of a task-oriented methodology.  People generally don't just
open their web browser for no real reason - usually they want to do a
specific task (like read the news). 

Nautilus does a great job of letting people focus more on documents and
less on applications.  Rather than opening an app, then the file I want
to look at, I can just click on the file and view the file.  Why should
web pages be any different?  I am interested in checking, not
opening nautilus.  A sign of a good application is one that you don't
notice.  I don't want to think in terms of what tools I need to use to
do my task, I just want to think about my task.  So, to me, it seems
logical that I go to a "news" category.

A panel applet would be pretty bad, I think.  It would constantly be
scrolling, wouldn't be able to deal with multiple panel sizes too well,
etc.  It is more of a distraction than a solution.  I'd like to see
integration, not things tacked on.  So, I hope that my email isn't harsh
sounding or anything - I love the news feeds.  I'm just trying to come
up with ways that make them more useful.


On 03 May 2001 10:38:48 -1100, Jon Allen wrote:
> >A simpler, and perhaps nice way of making feeds available to the user
> >could be integrating a "News" Submenu into the foot menu.  That submenu
> >would contain submenus for each feed that you are subscribed to.
> >Perhaps this could be there in addition to being a sidebar panel?  My
> If the desktop-icon-rss gets implememented, I think the sidebar panel is 
> useful for now.  IMHO, the Foot -> News menu item seems out of place.  
> Perhaps a panel applet would be more appropriate?
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> Jon
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