Re: [Nautilus-list] collecting scripts/RSS uris

I like the idea of using a Mailman list for this (and I can get that set up).

Since there are hundreds of RSS feeds out there, we don't want to stick them
all into Nautilus, so I'm thinking we want the following:
- a mailman list where people can send URIs

This sounds good. I can verify uri's as their sent in and add them via process discussed below (sending replies to people when uri's are verified, unverifiable, etc.)

- a Web page that you maintain that has a comprehensive directory of validated URIs. We could stick the code for this page in GNOME CVS so that GNOME hackers
can add updates themselves.

Sounds good. We could categorize the listings (news, apps, linux, bsd, etc.) Also, instructions (short, just a pointer to the Select Sites-Edit-Add/Remove area) for Editing feed info will be helpful. (I'll need a wee bit of help getting up and running with gnome cvs)

I'd be happy to set the HTML page in the Eazel
domain, or we can try and find a URL if that's more convenient for

My only preference is to have the page where it is easiest for me to update/maintain. If I remember right, Eazel goes through Loudcloud for its site, and this may cause problems for someone outside of Eazel (or I could be totally wrong here)

- periodic updating of the feeds that are included in Nautilus, based on
feedback etc.

Sounds good. Long-term idea: determine top 10/15 feeds (based on feedback) to include by default in Nautilus.

How does that sound?  Can I sign you up for this?

This sounds good to me.  I'd be happy to take this on.

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