Re: [Nautilus-list] collecting scripts/RSS uris

I have no problem with a db thing, but I also think that this is not a huge
endeavor and there won't be that many submissions at first - so why not
bootstrap this as a simple mailing list and then when it becomes cumbersome
to maintain, switch to something more fancy.

We can set this up off, which is a machine that's not
part of Loudcloud, so easy to maintain, and you could maintain the page with

So Jon, pls send me a private email with a requested userid and crypted
password, and pick a URL off that you'd like to use for
this directory.  Also, do you want to pick a name for the mailman list?

Don: I don't think this is the sort of Mailman list that people would
actually subscribe too, but it's nice to use Mailman for this since it means
that everything always gets archived, so we never lose these mails.


Jon Allen wrote:

> >Wouldn't some forms-based db on a web server be much better than a
> >mailing list?  Even something simple like the MyYahoo bookmarks
> >mechanism.  There's got to be a fropen source Apache module to do
> >something like this.
> >
> >/me goes to search on freshmeat ...
> >
> This sounds good, but how exactly would it work?
> My Example usage:
> 1. user visits page
> 2. user adds rss feed (feed uri, name, suggested category?) via form
> 3. server db adds uri:
>    a. checks for duplicate first
>    b. verifies uri (we'll only add valid rss feeds)
>       (prompts user if uri is invalid?)
>    c. adds uri in category, updates list
> Thoughts:
> If we use categories, rss feeds could easily endup miscategorized by
> submitter.  Or we could ditch categories, providing list sorted
> alphabetically, most popular, etc.  I prefer the Categories idea.
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