Re: [Gal-hackers] Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: What about gal && eel into GNOME 2.0?

Hi Havoc,

thanks for the explanation.

> Right. So a reasonable solution to that might have been a 1.4 that
> just added widgets to 1.2, similar to the 2.2 we are planning. I think
> 1.4 didn't exist simply because there were higher priorities and lack
> of time.

  Cool, I am glad to hear these 2.2 plans.

  Also, I hope GTK stays source-compatible for long enough so that we
don't need to duplicate efforts and throw a lot of code away again.  :-)

> For GnomeDock, we want to come up with a unified solution for:
>  - an "app" toplevel (GnomeApp)
>  - menubar that properly handles out-of-space
>  - toolbar that does same, and has non-sucky API
>  - menu/toolbar convenience API (like itemfactory, app-helper)
>  - dock widget that works with those
>  - MDI with menu merge stuff
>  - integration with statusbar
> this stuff is all interrelated; adding GnomeDock would potentially be
> wrong, and leave us with a deprecated widget. So we punted this whole
> block of changes to 2.2, to be handled as a whole.

  OK, I'd love to help implementing this stuff, as I have been fighting
with these issues for quite a while now, and I can also help to migrate
GnomeDock to meet all the requirements.  (Or rewrite it, but I don't
think it will be necessary.)

[Combo rationale removed]
> This works for e.g. Gnumeric formats, the color combo, and also all
> current uses of option menu and GtkCombo. (Note that there'd be a
> concept of an "editable" flag that would give you the text entry as
> with GtkCombo.)

  OK, makes sense to me.

> 2.2 development should start soon and then we can really hash out how
> to do these widgets and get them in CVS.



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