Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

Wow, I never knew my post would end up leading to such bickering. Anyway,
while giving Nautilus another try, I wondered about the issue of rpms and
debs. It would be nice if Nautilus could install rpms and debs. Perhaps a
nifty little install manager within Nautilus? Perhaps Nautilus should use
some component of red carpet to do fancy installs, check deps, get deps,
etc.....? Then again, maybe it should just attempt to install it
straight up? I think the red carpet component option would be the
best. Handling deps, etc... with rpms is a pain in the ass and red carpet
has already aimed and continues to aim on handling these problems. There
is no sense in Nautilus having some install manager duplicating it. Any
thoughts on this?  

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