Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

On 27Jun2001 12:40PM (-0700), Ben Ford wrote:
> Adam Zolkover wrote:
> >Who are you and why don't you show a little bit of respect.  One of the
> >reasons that I'm on this list is because it's mostly constructive
> >criticism on topic.  I like that and I want to participate in it.  This
> >is off topic and flame bait.  So could you tone it down just a little
> >bit?  Thanks a lot.
> >
> It is flame bait to say that it is slow?  HELLO . . . .   It is off 
> topic to want to improve it?  WTF are you on?
> I was requested to give a speed comparison of nautilus and Konqueror.  I 
> did so, and Konqueror whipped nautilus's ass quite handily.  I was then 
> told that my numbers didn't matter because the version in development 
> was faster.  Well, I am terribly sorry, but THE LATEST AVAILABLE VERSION 
> is dog slow.  What version do you think that 98% of all the nautilus 
> users are using?  Do you think they update cvs nightly?


While speed timings of the latest released version are interesting,
they don't help much with the process of improving the speed of the
current development version. It would be really great if you could
repeat your measurements with the current development version, or with
1.0.4 when out, to see what areas most need additional improvement so
we can focus on those. Unfortunately, we can only improve performance
of future releases, not past releases, so the most useful timings are
ones as close to the current code as possible.



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