Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

I think its very useful that you posted that chart.

I think the part everyone is sick off is the html mail vs. not flame
fest, which is not really entirely your fault.

So thanks for the comparison.  

Everyone (especially the Nautilus hackers) agrees that Nautilus has
performance problems and we want to fix them.


Ben Ford wrote:
> Adam Zolkover wrote:
> >Who are you and why don't you show a little bit of respect.  One of the
> >reasons that I'm on this list is because it's mostly constructive
> >criticism on topic.  I like that and I want to participate in it.  This
> >is off topic and flame bait.  So could you tone it down just a little
> >bit?  Thanks a lot.
> >
> It is flame bait to say that it is slow?  HELLO . . . .   It is off
> topic to want to improve it?  WTF are you on?
> I was requested to give a speed comparison of nautilus and Konqueror.  I
> did so, and Konqueror whipped nautilus's ass quite handily.  I was then
> told that my numbers didn't matter because the version in development
> was faster.  Well, I am terribly sorry, but THE LATEST AVAILABLE VERSION
> is dog slow.  What version do you think that 98% of all the nautilus
> users are using?  Do you think they update cvs nightly?
> Here's a recap of the discussion.
> me:  Nautilus needs to be faster.  Konqueror is much faster.
> seth:  Please give more information.
> me:  (provides a chart of speed comparisons and machine specs)
> Gaute Lindkvist:  Well the unreleased 1.0.4 is faster, so those numbers
> are invalid + "I hate HTML rant"
> several other people:  off topic html argument.
> me:  It is only fair to compare released versions + "I'm sorry, but HTML
> makes tables work"
> So where's the flame?  What is the harm in reminding developers that
> flashy and pretty might be nice but nobody will use it if it's this
> slow?  Where is the disrespect?
> Here's some disrespect:  Pull your head out of your ass and realize that
> NAUTILUS IS SLOW and won't get faster if nobody cares.
> It would be flamebait if I had said that Nautilus reminds me of molasses
> in winter, panders to a dumbass, and has a silly useless interface that
> belongs on a windows or mac machine.  It would be flamebait if I said
> that I don't use it, and actively discourage others from using it.  It
> would be flamebait if I said that Nautilus discouraged users from having
> an IQ over 2.
> That is flamebait.  Saying it needs to be faster, and it can be done
> because Konqueror does it is not flamebait.
> Why don't you show a little respect for a bug report?
> -b
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