[Nautilus-list] Selecting, renaming, moving and copying by wildcard and regexp

I would really like to see the following file-management functionality
added to Nautilus (at current Nautilus strikes me as an excellent file
system browser but somewhat lacking in file management capabilities):

1. Select files (recursively from current dir optional) by MIME type (a
dropdown list box of registered MIME types could be given), or by
wildcard, or by regexp.

2. Rename, move and copy by wildcard and regexp.

I at least often use such features - say I'm prototyping a website, and
at some point I decide that my original organisation of the site was all
wrong, and need to quickly move files to different places or rename them
according to some pattern.

This is actually fairly arcane to do even at the command prompt (I can
never remember the exact syntax for the --exec option of find). The
easiest way to do it by far is in Emacs dired mode. A well designed
dialog box or sidebar panel cold even take some of the pain out of the
regexp syntax for those who are reasonably new to it.

It could of course be argued that this should be the job of a seperate
app, but if so then that app should be included with Nautilus and easily
interacted with from within Nautilus.

Any thoughts?

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton               Department of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh
ddb cogsci ed ac uk                            http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~ddb

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