[Nautilus-list] Re: FAM and the Refresh button

Yep your right.  I never thought about cases 1) and 2)...  That's too
bad, I really dislike the whole idea that the user should need to think
about whether or not they can trust what they see...

On 14 Jun 2001 08:55:52 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 08:50  AM, David Emory Watson wrote:
> > If FAM were to become a requirement, would there be any problems with
> > removing the Reload button?
> A few problems I can think of:
> 	1) For non-local files, for example on NFS, you might still need to 
> Refresh.
> 	2) For non-local file systems, for example when viewing an FTP server, 
> you might still need to Refresh.
> 	3) For views other than the file manager, you might still need to 
> Refresh. These views could be updated to use FAM to notice changes, but at 
> the moment the Text, Image, Music, and Web Page views don't do that.
> 	4) For cases where FAM gets it wrong, it might still be good to 
> Refresh. Without IMON, FAM can't always get it 100% right, but this is 
> less important than the other reasons above.
> On the other hand, it might be nice to have the Refresh button be 
> insensitive when we know there's no need to do it if we can deal with 
> issue #4 above.
> There might be other problems too. These are the ones I can think of off 
> the cuff.
>      -- Darin

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