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On Jeudi 14 Juin 2001 12:04, Yoann Vandoorselaere wrote :

> Remco de Jong <rdj rdj cg nu> writes:
> > Hi,
> [...]
> > TODO:
> [...]
> > - Bookmarks sidebar like mozilla has. This has nothing to do with the
> > mozilla component ofcourse, but I think it would be nice anyway :)
> A friend of me is the Gnobog project author,
> Gnobog is a a bookmark manager for Gnome,
> and he plan to make Gnobog loadable as a component.
> I put him in CC to this mail,
> also, please CC him as he is not subscribed to the list.


After a long period of slow activity, we (gnobog two authors) have begun 
to work on a new version of gnobog. Currently we are building a backend 
shared library to handle bookmarks, which uses plugins to convert several 
bookmarks files formats (import/export) to our internal xml format (we're 
based on libxml2 now). We did not take xbel as a native format for several 
reasons (I can explain if you're interested), but conversion to xbel should be 
really easy with xslt.
Plugins can be external scripts/executables, dlopened shared libraries in a 
child process, or xslt stylesheets. 

We wanted a library to allow several kinds of frontends (gtk, text...), and 
wrappers like a corba layer, a bonobo interface, a jabber client (to share 
bookmarks with remote friends, just an idea), and so on ...

The current version of gnobog has a gtk 1.2 interface that we will link to the 
new backend in the near future. This interface is mainly a big ugly hack on 
the poor gtk_ctree, to have many more drag'n'drop and selection possibilities.
What should be done is going to gtk 2.0 with the brand new tree using a 
model/view architecture. I don't know about the dnd features of the new tree, 
but I suspect it to be much more flexible :-) 
In-place edition would be great, too !

So if this is of interest to you or any nautilus contributer, we would really 
appreciate help and/or suggestions, since we are rearchitecturing the thing :-)
We can go into deeper details if anyone is interested.

Home page: gnobog.sourceforge.net

Renaud Chaillat

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