[Nautilus-list] fixing the fact that updating menus takes a lot of time

On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 08:38  AM, Alex Larsson wrote:

The problem is not the I/O. The problem is that each view of that
directory gets a lot of file_changed signals, which leads to every view
updating it's menus. Due to braindeadness in Bobobo, updating the menus
takes a lot of time, so performance drops rapidly as you get more views
displaying the directory.

For more info on this, see my mail on 12 Jun with subject
"Re: [Nautilus-list] hidden files bug".

Here's my thinking on this.

I want to build a layer on top of Bonobo (probably in eel-bonobo-extensions.[ch] or in libnautilus-private) that keeps track of the UI items and their state in some fast data structure, like a hash table. Then, when the menu update is done, we'll build the appropriate XML and send a single piece of XML to Bonobo for changes in the component's menus and nothing at all if nothing changed.

Before now I resisted doing this because I thought that what Alex calls the "branddeadness" in Bonobo would eventually get fixed. And because this problem would affect any other substantial Bonobo component and program. But now that it's clear I need to do it, it should be pretty easy to do.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to this. If someone is interested in helping I'd be happy to talk about the idea in more detail.

    -- Darin

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