[Nautilus-list] Mozilla component


I'm still working on the context menu (bug #3044) patch (I haven't got
lots of time, so progress is slow), however there are some things I
wanted to discuss.

- Roadmap?

I recently read something about minimizing functionality of the mozilla
component. I heavily dislike that plan, as you may have guessed :) I
missed the rest of the discussions, so what was the conclusion?

Minimizing the mozilla component would not speed up nautilus as a whole,
so I don't see the reason anyway.

- Menu contents

For now, I have (only a few already work, the rest is just a menu item

New Window (all)
Open Link (links only)
Open Link In New Window (links only)
Copy Link Location (links only)
Save Image (only images)
Zoom In (all)
Zoom Out (all)
Normal Size (all)

The thing that's missing is the "Open With" submenu. By the way, if open
with is implemented, things will be inconsistent, due to bug #7908
(clicking a link always opens it in the mozilla widget). There is only
one sollution to this problem, always let nautilus decide what to do
instead of loading it in mozilla. This will have a negative impact on
speed but after testing it did not seem like a big difference to me. I
have a fast athlon though, so it would be nice if someone with a pentium
100 agrees with this.

- Downloading

Should GTM be used (bug #3189) or should it be done within nautilus?
Will it download to the same dir always, or should it ask for a location
+ filename to save to (a file manager that pops up a file selector,
dunno but it sounds a bit funny. IE does it this way however). My
personal choice is a static dir, and no GTM. Any suggestions?


If someone knows more that aren't already in bugzilla, please reply.

- Zooming in / out buttons in the toolbar like the list / icon view
- Bookmarks sidebar like mozilla has. This has nothing to do with the
mozilla component ofcourse, but I think it would be nice anyway :)

Remco de Jong

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